There is a natural timing for certain moments in life. Decisions seem to be driven by deep instincts, like when a bird chick knows when to depart the nest. What drives it to leave the safety and comfort its home? It likely feels an internal force, beckoning it to acheive more.

These individual wings of pure paper introduce a pairing. Eventually, the partner wing will materialize in another form, such as body art. This ceremony will be a performance piece. This is my most personal work, representing my world, my philosophy on life and how I embrace it.

This piece represents three different types of wings to me.

The Angel Wing

How an artist lives their life may be their most important contribution. Being a High Sensitivity Person (HSP), at the age of eight, I decided to change what I did not like in this world. I realize that the only thing we can control is ourselves. I decided to be a citizen of my own utopia, living an exemplary life to inspire others with angelic qualities. Nobilty, emphathy, solidarity and love are my tools and to bring light into dark places.

The Pegasus Wing

The winged horse unifies grounded stability with higher ideals. This beautiful beast embodies the concept of harnessing magic in the material plane. This fantasy place is a source of strength for continuing to practice my life philosophy.

The Bird Wing

The time to leave the nest has come. Doubts and fears still arise, yet one must be brave enough to take opportunities that can realize life’s dreams. It is necessary to explore these new places and ideas, to take risks, and to get out of the comfort zone. The unknown is underpinned by uncertainty, yet when there is an open heart, eyes and mind, wonderful things can happen.

I’m excited to discover how far my wings can take me.


IMG_5352 copy

IMG_5378 copy

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